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Answers to the most common questions from our mailbox

Got questions about hypnosis? Don't worry, we've got answers.

We know that hypnosis can be a confusing subject. And a lifetime of James Bond movies and urban myths hasn't helped make matters any clearer. At Instant-Hypnosis.com, we recognize this... which is why we've created this list of common questions and answers that hit our support team each day.

Just scroll down to read the relevant questions and answers. If you have any other questions, you can always contact us . If you're looking to learn more about the Instant-Hypnosis.com site,
please click here.

So... what actually IS hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a method of changing your thoughts, behaviors, and even your body...
Using the power of your mind!

Hypnosis works by guiding you into a deep state of relaxation, which some hypnotherapists prefer to call a "trance". During this stage, the hypnotherapist (or hypnosis recording) begins providing the subconscious mind with positive suggestions and stories to help achieve the goals of the individual.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is used by guiding the mind into a state of deep relaxation. In this "trance" state, the critical filtering capabilities of the conscious mind are bypassed, allowing the hypnotherapist to provide suggestions direct to the subconscious mind... the "control panel" of the brain.

With hypnosis the hypnotherapist speaks in the "language" of the subconscious mind, ensuring the conscious mind doesn't interfere at all. This is achieved through a combination of guided visualization exercises and the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Will hypnosis work for me?

The fact that you want to try hypnosis is a good sign!

As you may have realized, there are a lot of myths in the hypnosis world - such as that only suggestible people can be hypnotized, or that hypnosis doesn't work if the individual doesn't believe in the process. Both suggestions are incorrect. Research has shown that intelligent people are actually easier to hypnotize, and that a healthy skepticism is the best approach when trying out any new self-development tool.

We can't say that you can or will be hypnotized but, if you try any
Instant-Hypnosis.com download or CD and are not completely satisfied, just return the session for a full refund (less shipping charges on CDs).

What does hypnosis "feel" like?

During your session, you should feel immensely relaxed.

For some people, the hypnosis session may feel as though it lasted just a few minutes. For others, it may seem as though they've been in that relaxed state for hours. That's perfectly normal. Hypnosis can be so relaxing, you tend to lose track of time!

So what does hypnosis "feel" like? It's just a state of total and utter tranquility.

What can I use hypnosis for?

You can use self-hypnosis to help you change your thoughts and behaviors!

You can use hypnosis to help you boost your confidence, increase your memory, help your stage fright, lose weight, bulk up your muscle mass, develop your psychic powers, improve your sport, stop smoking... and a whole lot more!

"Is hypnosis safe? Because I've heard..."

Hollywood, James Bond movies and the Manchurian Candidate may have helped popularize hypnosis as a method of controlling the mind... however in return they created the craziest pile of urban myths any industry has ever seen!

So let's deal with a few here and now.

Is hypnosis safe?

Absolutely. Hypnosis is a completely natural method of absorbing information. In fact, we all enter hypnotic states every day in our waking lives. You CANNOT be hypnotized if you don't wish to be. And you CANNOT be hypnotized to do anything against your will.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

Not at all! During a hypnosis session, you're simply in a state of deep relaxation. If your hypnotherapist was to leave during a session, or your CD player were to run out of batteries, you would either simply wake up or drift off to sleep. No-one has ever been "stuck" in a state of terminal hypnosis!

I'm too intelligent to be hypnotized, surely?

Another misconception. Studies have shown that intelligent people are actually easier to hypnotize. And it doesn't matter if you're skeptical of the process... the fact you're trying hypnosis shows you have an open mind. The results will prove themselves!

Hypnosis is a totally natural, completely safe method of self-development... and can help you achieve goals you never thought possible!

What does this website sell?

Instant-Hypnosis.com have taken the expense, inconvenience and potential embarrassment out of visiting a hypnotherapist!

This site offers almost 300 instantly downloadable MP3 hypnosis sessions... all professionally produced and ready to be downloaded at the click of a button. You'll also find links to CD versions of all our products, at greatly discounted prices.

Instant-Hypnosis.com also uses a tiered pricing theme, meaning the more you buy, the more you save!

Will the hypnosis downloads work on my computer?

Absolutely, YES!

We provide all of our Instant-Hypnosis.com downloads as MP3 files - which you can use anywhere!

You may wish to listen to the MP3 audio file on your computer, using the free hypnosis player software we'll send you. You can also use Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, iTunes, and many other tools to play the MP3 file.

Remember, MP3 files will work on ANY computer - including all versions of Windows, Linux and Macintosh computers.

You can also burn your MP3 file to an audio CD, so you can play it in any regular CD player. Or you could transfer it to your MP3 player, such as an iPod, for a totally portable hypnosis experience.

Your Instant-Hypnosis.com downloads will undoubtedly work for you.

How quickly will I get my hypnosis session?

When you purchase a hypnosis download via Instant-Hypnosis.com, you'll receive download links immediately via e-mail.

If you purchased a hypnosis audio CD, delivery typically takes a few days within the United Kingdom, or typically 7-10 days in the United States and other countries.

NEW FOR AUDIO CD CUSTOMERS: As of February 2019, when you order an audio CD from us, we'll ALSO send you an instant download link for the MP3 version, absolutely FREE of charge. That means you can get started the moment you order, at no extra cost!

How should I listen to my hypnosis session?

Simply sit back, slip on your headphones and relax as the recording guides you into a deep state of relaxation.

Don't worry, we provide all of our customers with full listening instructions with each purchase. We even provide you with free Instant-Hypnosis.com MP3 player software.

What is the "accent" of the hypnotherapist you use?

At Instant-Hypnosis.com, all of our sessions are read by a professional hypnotherapist, with a soothing North American accent. The hypnotherapist may be male or female, depending on what is most effective for the nature of the session.

However rest assured that the accent used will not distract you from the content.

Tell me about your 100% satisfaction guarantee!

It's simple, really.

We promise that you'll be completely satisfied with the hypnosis sessions you purchase from us... or we'll provide you with a complete refund, no questions asked!

To learn more and read full details, please click here.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Certainly! If you're interested in promoting our site, we'll pay you 20% of every order placed through your link. Payment is made after 35 days through PayPal. And it's easy to get started. Just click here to learn more.

I've got other questions. Who can I ask?

We have a dedicated support site set up to answer any queries you may have. Just click here and ask away!

The myHelpHub.com site promises to answer all queries within one business day, however our typical response time is just 4 hours. We're also frequently available in online chat, via the site.

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