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Actor's Pack - Hypnosis Downloads

Act your Socks Off and Land those Lead Parts �  HYPNOSIS!

Are you failing audition after audition?

Never seem to get picked for the plum roles?

You know you can act, so why can't everyone else see it? You've studied all the major acting techniques, spent hours practicing in front of the mirror, but all to no avail. You know your lines, can project your voice and create believable characters. So why is it that no-one believes in you enough to secure that one break you need?

Our Actor's Pack special hypnosis bundle is designed to help you reveal your natural talent. Each session lasts for just under an hour and together they're designed to promote your acting skills and alleviate your disappointments and heartaches.

Simply sit back and listen as each part of the Actor's Pack hypnosis sessions helps you find the confidence and assurance of an A-list celebrity.

Just listen, relax, and feel your kudos kick in as these four recordings enable you to light up the stage and put your best acting foot forward.

Cure Stage Fright (full info)
Stand out at every audition, by focusing on:
   � Staying self-assured and confident
   � Giving polished, poised performances
   � Shining in everything you do

Magical Charisma (full info)
Charm the director's socks off, proving you can:
   � Be a leader among men
   � Be stylish and hold attention
   � Be someone others look up to

Photographic Memory (full info)
Remember lines and directions with ease, learning how to:
   � Be more confident and focused
   � Recall events more precisely
   � Remember things in a snap

Be Spontaneous (full info)
Don't let anything hold you back!
   � Be artless and impromptu
   � Free your inhibitions
   � Revel in impulsive behavior

Don't settle for being an extra!

Download this special Actor's Pack hypnosis bundle TODAY and become more than just another wannabe!

Try this hypnosis download 100% risk-free! If you're not amazed by this hypnosis session, just let us know within 90 days and we'll refund your order. Click here for details.


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